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Tutorial 10 - Fabric Applicators for the Start of Every Care (How-To)

Towels, cotton pads, and other fabrics we use every day, from the first step after washing our faces to the last, pose an invisible risk of bacterial growth and can sometimes be irritating to delicate skin. Start your care routine with our Basic Pure Face Towel and Vegan Pure Pads. Pink Wonder's all-natural fabric applicators are not only useful, but they're also gentler on your skin, giving you peace of mind.


STEP 1. Be gentle with your skin

Face towel instead of a washcloth
Use the Basic Pure Face Towel instead of your usual washcloth to gently remove excess water from your face. It's a thin fabric, but it has a great adhesion to absorb water.

For skin texture
Soak the Basic Pure Face Towel in jojoba oil and place it on top of sebum and dead skin cells, such as whiteheads and blackheads. After about 5 minutes, massage the affected area and wipe it away along the skin's texture.

Makeup Remover
Instead of cotton pads, use Vegan Pure Pads with cleansing water or makeup remover. They're made from 100% vegan materials to help gently remove makeup.


STEP 2. Skin Care Steps

Toner Pack Care
Apply enough jojoba toner to the Vegan Pure Pad and place it on tired skin for about 5 minutes for a simple daily skincare routine.

Puffiness Care
Store the Jojoba Toner-soaked Vegan Pure Pads in the fridge and use them for swelling before applying makeup in the morning. Not only will it add a cooling sensation to your skin, but it will also make your makeup look more hydrated.

Soothing care
Apply a generous amount of Tamanu Hero Cooling Gel to skin that has been damaged by external irritants such as UV rays, free radicals, and sunburn, then wipe away with the Basic Pure Face Towel instead of your hands.

Face towel instead of wet wipes
The Basic Pure Face Towel can be used instead of a wet wipe to dry your baby's face, or as an alternative to tissues or handkerchiefs for children with delicate skin.


*Basic Pure Face Towel & Vegan Pure Pad: 100% Vegan Fabrics
*Pink Wonder tutorials are based on material properties.

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