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Tutorial 11 - Skin & lips that don't crumble in dry winds

'Tis the season for flaky skin and unusually dry winds, and our lips are especially delicate and susceptible to external irritants without a protective barrier, making them one of the hardest parts of our body to repair once we let our guard down. PINKWONDER's Jojoba Butter Balm is made with EWG Green ingredients to moisturize dry patches as well as the lips that are most sensitive to the changing seasons.

Moisturizing Lip Care
Apply a layer of 'Jojoba Butter Balm' to your lips morning, noon and night during your daily routine. It prevents moisture from evaporating from your lips and adds long-lasting moisture to dry lips. It's made with jojoba seed extract and plant oils that mimic the structure of your skin, so it's safe to apply often, and it's non-greasy, so it's great for frequent reapplication.

Massage Care
After applying a generous amount of Jojoba Butter Balm to your lips, massage with very light pressure with both hands along the lip line in a bouncing motion. This will increase circulation and elasticity to your lips, helping you to maintain your lip line.

Exfoliating & Mask Care: Jojoba Oil → Jojoba Butter Balm
Before going to bed, apply Jojoba Oil to your lips and gently massage away dead skin cells. Apply Jojoba Butter Balm to your softened lips and wrap them for about 10 minutes to protect them. The next day, you'll wake up with soft, voluminous lips that will enhance your lip color application.

Double Synergistic Care: Jojoba Butter Balm → Jojoba Vita Cream
Not only for lips, but also for moisturizing vulnerable skin (acne scars or dry skin). For particularly itchy skin areas, apply Jojoba Butter Balm after treating with Jojoba Vita Cream, which helps relieve itching caused by dryness. You'll see your skin barrier repair quickly.

TIP: Use this as a quick care for all your flaky areas, including elbows and heels.

*Immediately (temporarily) improves moisturization of the skin's 10 flaky layers
*Helps moisturize in hot/cold conditions
*Helps create a lip bling effect
*Pink Wonder tutorials are based on material characteristics.



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