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Tutorial 12 - Start a new day with a clean beauty ritual!

We wanted to start with a signature item that would allow you to fully experience Pinkwonder the first time you encounter it.
We wondered if it would be possible to experience healthy beauty, like skin at its most relaxed state of rest, in any environment. That's why our Beginner's Edition is so special. Even if you're new to the skin routine, you'll get a generous dose to make sure your experience doesn't end there. For healthy skin that doesn't falter in the face of new challenges, try Pinkwonder's signature care regimen.


Basic Care: Maintaining Healthy Skin Condition
Neroli Brightening Powder Wash → Jojoba Oil → Jojoba Toner → Tamanu Hero Calming Gel → Jojoba Better Plus Cream

'This basic care is a carefully selected line of cleansing and moisturizing products that are essential for your daily skincare routine. After cleansing with the skin-illuminating Neroli Brightening Powder Wash, add a dollop of Jojoba Oil (1/3 scoop) and gently absorb into skin. Add nourishment and moisture with the Jojoba Toner, shaken well, and finish with the Tamanu Hero Cooling Gel, followed by the Jojoba Barrier Plus Cream, which creates a moisturizing film on the skin.


Recovery Care: Repairing Skin Tired of the Outside World
Jojoba Toner → Jojoba Deep Moisturizing Sheet Mask → Jojoba Oil + Tamanu Hero Cooling Gel

A special care for skin that is tired from external stimuli. Moisten the Vegan Pure Pad with enough Jojoba Toner to cleanse the skin, then apply the Jojoba Deep Moisture Sheet Mask to the skin for 10 minutes to add instant moisture. Mix the Jojoba Oil (3 spoons) and Tamanu Hero Cooling Gel 1:1 to give the skin plenty of moisture and rest.

*Pinkwonder tutorials are based on material properties.



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