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Tutorial 2- PINKWONDER Magic Stone Care that brightens skin tone

How many people in their 30s and 40s like the skin tone they see in the mirror every morning? As we age, our skin tone becomes increasingly dull, often due to circulation issues, which can be covered up with makeup but can look artificial if you're not skilled enough.
The secret to brightening your skin tone and reversing crumbling facial lines is Pinkwonder's 'Magic Stone' treatment. The Magic Stone massage helps to increase circulation and brighten the complexion by loosening up facial muscles you don't normally use. Don't just rub your facial muscles, though - we've got tips on how to treat the scalp, ears, and neck muscles that connect to your face.


[ Magic Stone Care with Jojoba Oil ]

Apply a generous amount of jojoba oil to your face and neck, about 3 tablespoons, then gently massage with the Magic Stone without irritating your skin.
End your day by massaging in the order of scalp → face → ears → neck for about 15 minutes, and you'll notice a difference in your skin tone and look more energized the next day.



Revitalize your scalp
Use the Magic Stone to massage your scalp with moderate pressure to stimulate circulation.

Scalp Care
Using a wide U-zone, massage up and down from the top of your ears to the crown of your head to loosen up your entire scalp. Use upward and downward strokes along the centerline of the back of your head and between your neck to release tight muscles.


Release your facial muscles
Spend some time focusing on facial muscles you don't normally use. This will loosen up your facial muscles, soften your expression, and make you look more natural.

Cheekbone Care
Create a wide U-zone with the Magic Stone, then feel and push the muscles from the front of your ears to the inside of your cheeks, then gently sweep upward from the bottom border of your cheeks.

Nasolabial folds
Lay the Magic Stone's Wide U-Zone down slightly and slide it upward from the jawline to the lower cheekbones. You can also delicately massage the nasolabial folds, starting from the side of the nose and working outward.

Jawline care
Stand the Magic Stone Wide U-Zone up and draw it up to the tip of the jaw, between the chin and lips, and in front of the ears.

Forehead Care
Use the wide U-zone of the Magic Stone to massage the top of your forehead in upward, downward, and side-to-side motions, using light, gentle strokes.

Eye Care
Fully extend the U zone of the Magic Stone and press over your eyes for 5-10 seconds, then use the V zone to massage from side to side, pressing at key points on your brow.


Relieve tension behind the ears and at the neckline
Use the Magic Stone to release tension behind the ears and in the neck and shoulders, where the muscles are always tense and tight.

Neckline Care
Place the wide U-zone of the Magic Stone on the outer muscle line of your neck and use moderate pressure to sweep up to the top of your collarbone. Also place the wide U-zone on the side of your vocal cords and massage in a circular motion up to the top of your collarbone.
Finally, place the W-zone of the Magic Stone behind your ears and use moderate to stroking motions to massage your trapezius muscles.

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