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Tutorial 7 - Brightening care that should not be overlooked even for weak skin

The Neroli line is a brightening experience that even the most delicate skin can feel confident using. Discover why NEROLIATICA™ is packed with brightening ingredients.

STEP 1. CLEANSING | Moisturize your skin with a moisturizing cleanser that locks in moisture the moment you wash your face!
Neroli Brightening Oil Balm Cleanser → Neroli Brightening Velvet Powder Wash

Neroli Brightening Oil Balm Cleanser's unique smooth gel formulation gently dissolves skin residue and delivers a new massage experience. Neroli Brightening Velvet Powder Wash, with its fine, fine particles, exfoliates sensitive skin without irritation, leading to softer skin. The luxurious texture on your fingertips adds a deep purifying effect to your skin, and it fills your pores with enough nutrients for a moisturizing cleansing experience that won't leave you feeling dry after washing.

After cleansing your face with Neroli Brightening Oil Balm Cleanser, follow with Neroli Brightening Velvet Powder Wash. For point makeup areas such as eyes and lips, use a specialized remover first and then proceed with cleansing.
STEP 2. SKIN CARE | Vegan formulas that are gentle enough for even the most sensitive skin.
Jojoba Oil → *Neroli Brightening Serum → Jojoba Vita Cream

First, rub your palms together to create heat, then apply 3 drops of Jojoba Oil to your warmed hands and work it into your face. The 'Neroli Brightening Serum' gently envelops the skin, and its luxurious texture with a blend of neroli complex and naturally derived shika ingredients delivers a comfortable whitening experience to the skin. The benefits of the ingredients are fully absorbed into the skin without feeling tight or sticky, so you can layer it on and adjust the moisturizing level. To finish, apply a thin layer of 'Jojoba Vita Cream' in a moisturizing ointment formulation to strengthen the weak skin barrier. For those who have been missing out on whitening cosmetics, Pink Wonder's brightening skincare lineup will make your skin clearer, more supple and beautiful.

After cleansing your face, apply jojoba oil (2-3 drops) to your skin, then spray Neroli Brightening Mist all over your face and allow it to absorb thoroughly. Apply Neroli Brightening Serum (2-3 pumps), which is effective for skin tone, all over the face, and finally, add a small amount of Jojoba Vita Cream to form a moisturizing barrier.

STEP 3. DAILY ROUTINE | The more you spritz, the brighter you get
*Neroli Brightening Mist

The more you spritz, the brighter you get, so carry the Neroli Brightening Mist with you and let it soak in from time to time. Spray it on your face and body, and you'll find that your skin is clearer and more radiant than ever before. Enjoy the luxurious orange blossom scent of the Neroli Brightening Mist with every spritz.
(TIP) Use the Jojoba Toner as a mist for a moisture barrier and moisturizing plumpness, or the Neroli Brightening Mist for a brightening glow and tone.

Shake the Neroli Brightening Mist thoroughly to mix the oil and water layers, then spray 2-3 times over your face and allow to absorb.

*Neroli Brightening Mist / Neroli Brightening Serum: Whitening Function Clinical Completed
*Pink Wonder tutorials are based on raw material characteristics.

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