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Tutorial 8 - A soothing solution to hide the signs of skin problems.

STEP 1. Cleanse to Quiet Trouble Triggers
Jojoba Oil → Tamanu Hero Cleanser → Tamanu Hero Claypit Mask

The key to taking care of your skin is to not only treat your entire face, but also your décolletage, including your chin and neck. The Tamanu Hero Cleanser is gentle on all skin types that need sebum control. Use it to massage your face, neck, and even the hard-to-reach areas behind your ears. The Tamanu Hero Clayfit Mask, which is made from eco-friendly fabrics and adheres to the skin with a low-irritation, tight-fitting fit, provides instant impurity control and targets key breakout triggers. It's also great for chin acne and redness on the neck and chest. Before you know it, you'll find yourself taking care of your décolletage. Make sure to take the time to thoroughly clean your pores to remove impurities, which is the foundation of any good skin care regimen.


Massage 1 spoonful of Jojoba Oil generously over your face, then wash your face with Tamanu Hero Cleanser. Apply Tamanu Hero Clayfit Mask evenly along your facial lines and leave on for 20 minutes for dry skin and 30 minutes for oily skin. We recommend using Tamanu Hero Clayfit Mask 2-3 times a week.


STEP 2. Skincare that deeply nourishes pores
Jojoba Toner → Jojoba Oil → *Tamanu Hero Ampoule → Tamanu Hero Cooling Gel → *Jojoba Vita Cream


Fill those cleaned-out pores and dead skin cells with nothing but goodness. Made with precious ingredients, the formula revitalizes skin, leaving it looking healthy and clear.
Nourish your skin with jojoba oil, and soothe your skin with tamanu oil, which has been clinically tested for acne skin. Tamanu Hero Ampoule, which contains astragalus root extract, blends the unique oriental scent of tamanu oil with the natural scent of jojoba oil to provide comfort and even out the tone and texture of uneven skin. Jojoba Vita Cream, which focuses on the essence of skin health (comfort, moisture, etc.). The ointment formulation, which is a liquidization of skin-improving ingredients, soothes irritated and damaged skin, and even helps repair scars caused by breakouts for long-lasting protection. With a consistent care regimen, your skin will be transformed for the better.

Prepare your skin with Jojoba Toner, then apply 3-4 drops of Jojoba Oil to your face, making sure to absorb it thoroughly. Fill a Tamanu Hero Ampoule with 1 full scoop and apply evenly, then apply a thin layer of Tamanu Hero Cooling Gel to absorb it. As a finishing cream step, apply a small amount of Jojoba Vita Cream.


*Tamanu Hero Claypit Mask: Instantly *1) Shrinks pores 2) Improves pore depth and volume 3) Reduces blackheads 4) Helps reduce sebaceous waste in pores
*Tamanu Hero Ampoule: Clinically proven for acne skin function
*Jojoba Vita Cream: Relieves itching caused by dryness Clinical trial completed
*Pink Wonder tutorials are based on raw material characteristics.

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