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Tutorial 9 - Soothing solution to quiet the traces of trouble

The Tamanu line is a solution born out of deep concerns for troubled skin. The highly pure Tamanu formula, obtained by pressing the fruits of organic Tamanu trees, not only soothes sudden breakouts but also helps improve skin texture and brings fundamental changes to the skin. These products have undergone numerous verifications using only natural-derived ingredients, without irritating components, to provide reliable effects.

Dry, troubled skin often appears dull due to lifted dead skin cells and pigmentation. It's also more susceptible to irritation, redness, and roughness from harmful environmental factors, causing frequent breakouts. Therefore, it's necessary to replenish moisture and enhance skin barrier recovery.

Product usage order:
Jojoba Oil → Tamanu Hero Cleanser → Jojoba Toner → Tamanu Hero Ampoule → Jojoba Barrier Plus Cream

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