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[Skin Care Routine] - Complex Routine Set


Skin Care Routine - Complex Routine Set

If you have a mix of both skin types, treat your drier U-zone areas (cheeks, chin, etc.) with a moisturizing regimen, and your more oily and breakout-prone T-zone areas (forehead, bridge of the nose, etc.) with a soothing regimen. After adding moisture to the entire skin, the product creates a moisturizing film that prevents moisture from evaporating from the skin.

▪ Order of product use:
'Jojoba Oil' → 'Tamanu Hero Ampoule' → 'Jojoba Vita Cream'

1) Apply 3-4 drops of 'Jojoba Oil' to your cheeks, then spread and absorb.
2) Fill the Tamanu Hero Ampoule's dropper to the brim with the contents and apply it to the T-zone area.
3) Apply 'Jojoba Vita Cream' to the center of the dry area (*If itching due to dryness is severe, apply another layer of 'Jojoba Vita Cream' like an ointment).

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