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[Skin Care Routine] - Dry Routine Set


Skin Care Routine - Dry Routine Set

Dry, problematic skin tends to look dull with flaky dead skin cells and hyperpigmentation. It is also easily irritated by external aggressors, causing itchiness, redness, and roughness. This type of skin needs a care regimen that replenishes moisture and strengthens the skin barrier to repair itself.


Product application sequence:
Jojoba Oil → Tamanu Hero Cleanser → Jojoba Toner → Jojoba Oil → Jojoba Toner → Tamanu Hero Ampoule → Jojoba Barrier Plus Cream'

1. Cleansing
1) Gently roll the skin with 'Jojoba Oil' as if massaging.
2) Use the 'Vegan Pure Pad' to gently wipe along the skin's texture.
3) We recommend double cleansing with the non-irritating 'Tamanu Hero Cleanser'.

2. Basic Care
1) Gently cleanse your skin with the 'Jojoba Toner'.
2) Apply 3-4 drops of 'Jojoba Oil' to your skin, spread it out, and let it absorb. If your skin is extremely dry, you may want to apply two or three layers of Jojoba Oil.
3) Shake the Jojoba Toner to dispense an appropriate amount and allow it to absorb into the skin.
4) Fill the Tamanu Hero Ampoule's dropper to the brim with the contents and apply evenly. (If your skin is sensitive enough to sting, use less at first and increase the amount gradually).
5. Apply a small amount of Jojoba Barrier Plus Cream. If dryness is severe, mix in 1-2 drops of 'Jojoba Oil' for quick results.

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