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[Skin Care Routine] - Sensitive Routine Set


Skin Care Routine - Sensitive Routine Set

Whether it's from an irritating procedure or stress, your skin is sensitive to even the slightest environmental change. Boost your resistance to external irritants with Pink Wonder's sensitive skin routine. By minimizing irritation, this routine helps to eliminate various skin concerns that prevent the absorption of active ingredients and supports skin regeneration.

Product application sequence: Jojoba Oil → Tamanu Hero Ampoule → Jojoba Barrier Plus Cream

1) Apply 3-4 drops of Jojoba Oil to your cheeks and spread it out to absorb.
2) Fill the Tamanu Hero Ampoule's dropper with the contents and apply evenly. (If your skin is sensitive enough to sting, use less at first and increase the amount gradually).
3) Apply a small amount of Jojoba Barrier Plus Cream. If dryness is severe, mix in 1-2 drops of 'Jojoba Oil' for quick results.

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