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[Skin Care Routine] - Oily Routine Set


Skin Care Routine - Oily Routine Set

If you have oily, dehydrated skin that's overproducing oil and dry underneath, it's hard to find products that work deep down. Keep your skin hydrated and breakouts at bay with a consistent skincare regimen that balances oil and water. This special routine is intensely soothing while simultaneously hydrating to boost your skin's radiance.

Order of product use: Tamanu Hero Cleanser → Tamanu Hero Claypit Mask (base: Jojoba Oil or Tamanu Hero Ampoule) → Jojoba Oil → Tamanu Hero Ampoule → Tamanu Hero Cooling Gel → Jojoba Barrier Plus Cream.

▪ Order of product use:
Tamanu Hero Cleanser → Jojoba Oil → Tamanu Hero Ampoule → Tamanu Hero Caring Gel → Jojoba Barrier Plus Cream

1) Pump 'Tamanu Hero Cleanser' into wet hands two to three times to create a lather, then release your hands and gently wash your face.
2) Apply 3-4 drops of 'Jojoba Oil' to skin and spread in a wide motion to absorb.
3) Fill the 'Tamanu Hero Ampoule' dropper with the contents and apply evenly. (If your skin is sensitive enough to sting, use less at first and increase the amount gradually).
4) Apply a small amount of Tamanu Hero Cooling Gel. Allow time for it to fully absorb.
5) Finally, apply a thin layer of Jojoba Barrier Plus Cream.

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